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About Butterfight Food Services & Chef Alan Ramirez
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My professional cooking career started when I was just 15 years old. I got a summer job at a hole-in-the-wall in my hometown of Anaheim, Ca. We serve local favorites like pizzas, hamburgers, Asada fries, and a lot of beer. I fell drawn to the kitchen, and shortly after, I decided to be a chef. I’ve worked in various restaurants in Orange County and Los Angeles city. 

I believe in doing good for others, and the vision for BFS is to provide an excellent service and help those in need. We partner with many charities that have gathered a large amount of money to help kids and families. In addition, events like the make a wish foundation and kid works have allowed us to showcase our culinary skills while participating in something bigger than us. 

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I have extensive knowledge of food, and we can work together to make a unique and special menu for your event.

Because we design customized menus, we cannot send you a menu right away. However, if you give us more detail about your event, we can make something special just for you. 

Please share more information with us that will help us better understand the event.

  1. What type of event is it?
  2. How many people will attend?
  3. What are the known attendees’ food allergies?
  4. What kind of food service do you want?

Not to worry, we can accommodate any food allergen. Please notify us as soon as possible. 

We work with Halal food, but we do not practice a kosher environment. 
We work with the freshest food available to the season and our restaurant providers. Any specialty request can be addressed accordingly 

We apologies for the inconvenience; however, we provide an experience, not just food, which requires meticulous planning and time to find the right fresh ingredients.

We ask for at least 2-3 weeks for bigger events.

Wonderful! More guests you have, the better the party! However, we ask for a 24-hour notice of any changes to the event so that we can accommodate your request and assure the best experience possible.
Butterfight Charity Work

Strong Connection to Our Community

Table For Ten

Table For Ten is a culinary event directly linked to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This culinary event features some of the best restaurants and chefs from Orange County. It is an annual event held all over Orange County; the purpose is to gather funds and help kids achieve their dreams. 

Kids Work Charity 

Kids Work Charity organizes an annual OC Chefs Festival to raise funds for the charity. Since 1993 the Kids Work Charity’s mission has been to restore one life at a time for central Santa Ana at-risk neighborhoods students and families through a fully licensed preschool, after-school programs, tutoring, mentoring, and adult services in the areas of health, parenting classes, and support groups.

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