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My name is Chef Alan Ramirez. I am excited to share more about Butterfight Food Services and myself with you!

First, the name Butterfight is a play of words to demonstrate tribute to someone very special to me.

I started my cooking career at the young age of 7 by doing scrambled eggs for my brother and me. Cooking for me was to eat and eat. I did.

Forward a couple of years, by age 10-11, I was cooking for my whole family, trying new recipes, and mixing many weird flavors. I always had ingenuity when it came to cooking. A vast amount of my knowledge about food comes from my mama Guille (Grandma).

She was so meticulous and outstanding with her cooking. She taught me how to make maza from scratch and the perfect way to cook pozole. On one of her trips to the USA, she gave me all of her recipes.

About Butterfight Food Services
About Butterfight Food Services & Chef Alan Ramirez

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My professional cooking career started when I was just 15 years old. I got a summer job at a hole-in-the-wall in my hometown of Anaheim, Ca. We serve local favorites like pizzas, hamburgers, Asada fries, and a lot of beer. I fell drawn to the kitchen, and shortly after, I decided to be a chef. I’ve worked in various restaurants in Orange County and Los Angeles city. 

I believe in doing good for others, and the vision for BFS is to provide an excellent service and help those in need. We partner with many charities that have gathered a large amount of money to help kids and families. In addition, events like the Make-A-Wish foundation and kid works have allowed us to showcase our culinary skills while participating in something bigger than us. 

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Our mission as a company is to always provide a superb dining experience through courteous service and friendly smiles. Our priority is guest satisfaction but the wellness of our employees is as important. We value commitment, creativity, hard work, and above all honesty.

“Come y bebe que la vida es breve”


The vision that has been layout for Butterfight is built around the concept of growth. We want to become an entity that helps other people grow and develop. As for our goals, we are projected to become a traveling chef firm and food product developer, and eventually philanthropist.

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